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Since the very start of our company, sound has been of the utmost importance. Thus, we have made targeted and consistent investments. 
Close and direct relations with manufacturers have strengthened our position. 


We provide tailored integrated solutions. Would it be video shooting or broadcasting, image carries the direct message you want to get across. We master the entire technical process chain of your events.


Whether they are mobile or "traditional", we can provide several types of stages. Our resources and our network of partners allow us to meet any of your needs.


Our lighting concepts as well as our state of the art equipment will highlight your events, figures, objects or architecture. 


Weight lifting and bearing are the physical basis of any event. Different construction types open up a maximum of possibilities. When needed we also collaborate with the structure and rigging market leading company for more complex projects. 


Essential, energy distribution is the link between our different activities. Cabinets, cables, UPS inverters, our up-to-date electrical equipment is available for your events.  

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Who are we ?

Imersis SA is a company operating in the fields of entertainment, audiovisual and event technology based in Fribourg and Geneva. Imersis SA is your partner for any type of event. We work all over Switzerland and have a large equipment pool that is constantly renewed and spread over three sites: Fribourg, Geneva and Avenches. We provide services in various domains such as sound, lighting, video (production and broadcasting) or stage and structure installation. A large number of institutions, companies, public authorities, theaters, or artists trust our expertise.  

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Organization, technique and innovation. We make sure the planning of your event is optimal. 
We will support you in the realisation of your wishes in a professional and flexible way. 
looking for an original idea for your event? we can find it for you.



The fundamental basis of our business.  
Sound, video and stage infrastructure make up our immediate environment.  
Combined with our expertise, we are at the service of creativity. 


Throughout the year, events take place in your region. We shoot, broadcast and archive your images.
Our teams are there, where you want them, all over the country.


We know our products inside out and we regularly offer our secondhand products for sale. As a reseller of major leading brands, we will be happy to advise you. 

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Fribourg Agency
Z-I. d'In Riaux 21

1726 Farvagny

Tel: +41 26 566 70 97

Z-I. d'In Riaux 21

1726 Farvagny

Tel: +41 26 566 70 97

Geneva Agency
Ch. de l'Emeraude 8 

1214 Vernier

Tel: +41 22 300 13 72

Ch. de l'Emeraude 8 

1214 Vernier

Tel: +41 22 300 13 72

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